Waiting Season

waiting season

Although waiting isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, it is often where we find ourselves in life. Sometimes the wait is simple and effortless. Other times, it is excruciating to endure. The time spent in expectation often feels idle and purposeless. Even senseless.

We usually don’t wish for seasons of waiting to continue indefinitely. We desire to move on to whatever it is that comes next, right? But is it supposed to be more than something we just get through? Are we meant to gain from the process even if we don’t prefer it?

Our Season of Waiting

Our family is currently in transition to become full-time RVers, and the waiting has felt more tedious than I imagined it would. We decided early last year to sell everything and move forward with our plans to travel around the country. In an effort to be responsible and wise, we allowed for an entire year to get our affairs in order. However, it took only a few months to sell our business, house, and belongings and to purchase a truck and RV. We still have a few logistical matters to work through before we are ready to leave, so now we are forced into this sort of holding pattern. And, in all honesty, I am having a hard time with that.

When we first discussed temporarily moving into my parents’ house, I think we all believed it would be for a few months at most. But, God bless them, we have been living in their home for nearly eight months already. And we still have at least a couple more to go. The living situation is not bad, but it is not perfect either. It can be complicated and awkward to live in someone else’s space no matter how accommodating and generous that someone is.

Many days, I want to throw caution and reason to the wind and just set off on our adventure. We are seriously about to burst with excitement at what is ahead for our family! But we know jumping the gun could risk the success of our journey, and of course, that is not what we want.

And so, we wait.

Purpose in the Waiting

Looking back over my life, I am aware that God has taught me so much in seasons of waiting. For years, my heart’s desire was to have a baby. In that place of longing, I learned that my purpose and satisfaction are only found in my Creator. I begged God for deep, lasting friendships. Before he brought those to my life, I came to understand that He is enough. Even though it was relatively short, the wait to get back to my family last fall was one of the hardest of my life. And yet, I saw the faithfulness of God in a way that I would not have without that experience.

Those times when I felt that my life was on hold were difficult and often painful. But in the waiting, I learned to trust Jesus more and grew in gratitude for His care and His plan. If I hadn’t had to wait, wouldn’t I have missed out on the blessing of understanding more of His character? Wouldn’t my joy and trust in Him be lacking? I will admit, my pride and stubbornness usually delay the learning process, but His grace and kindness always abound.

How is it Going?

In this current season, I must ask myself an important question: Am I waiting well? 

Am I embracing the time that God has clearly deemed a waiting period, or am I wasting it by only looking forward to its culmination?

Do I live in the present and see what God has placed before me right now, or am I stuck longing for the future, blind to the people and the needs around me?

Am I trying to avoid the process and the lessons learned there in order to get to what I understand to be God’s plan and purpose?

Are you also in a season of waiting? If so, I encourage you to sincerely consider your answers to these questions. As I contemplate my own responses, I can’t help but wonder: what if what I see as a delay or a “waiting period”, God sees as the whole point?

2 Replies to “Waiting Season”

  • Excellent analysis and much food for thought. Thanks for sharing your heart!

    Looking back, most of my life has been waiting for the next thing… usually a reflection of the discontentment that too often resides in my heart.

    In reality, as believers, we are perpetually in a “waiting period” – waiting for the return of our Lord – for the fulfillment of all things in Him. Yet we know that the very reason He has left us on this earth is to serve Him wholeheartedly in the space and time we currently occupy. Lord, give me grace to bloom where You have planted me at this moment!

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