Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids + Free Printables!

valentine's day free printables

I have fond memories of school Valentine’s Day parties from my childhood. Decorating a mailbox to receive cards from my classmates. Picking out that perfect box of valentines to give away. Departing from the normal school day routine to consume sugary red drinks and heart-shaped goodies.

I recall the pink and red paper chains strewn about the ceiling. The decorated boxes all lined up at the edge of the classroom. And the anticipation of the candy I would receive with my valentine cards.

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As I want my own children to have similar experiences, the issue I encounter is incorporating holiday celebrations like Valentine’s Day into our homeschool context. A lot of my memories revolve around school parties. My children do not participate in many large group situations these days because we are not part of a co-op or other homeschool club. (And in case you are worried, my kids get plenty of socialization.;))

So, I decided to compile a list of ideas (not all mine) that would integrate the atmosphere I loved as a child into our unique living situation. And now, I want to share that information with all of you! I made sure to include ideas that can be easily adapted to RV living. And, of course, these are fun ideas for any family, not just homeschoolers!

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»Fabric Scrap Banner: strips of pink, red, or other pretty fabrics knotted to ribbon or jute. Use this to decorate your schoolroom or another small area in your house or RV.

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»Paper Strip Hearts (like these from The Crafty Blog Stalker) can be made in different sizes and hung from the ceiling or a doorway for some extra color.

»Paper Heart Garland: this simple decoration can be made so many different ways and will add color and whimsy to any space. And as a bonus – your kids can help you make them!

You can make this one using any paper you have on hand, a hole punch, and some yarn or jute:

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♥ Or try this one by The Pursuit of Happiness! ♥


»Heart-shaped french toast or waffles with red berries and powdered sugar

»Melon, mango, kiwi, and/or pineapple cut into hearts with a cookie cutter + red berries for more color. Serve as a fruit salad or slide onto wooden skewers.

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»PB&J cut into the shape of a heart using a cookie or sandwich cutter.

»Grilled Cheese cut into hearts + tomato soup served in a heart-shaped bowl. Make your own heart-shaped crackers with this recipe!

»Mini pizzas with heart-shaped pepperonis

»Veggies: cucumbers cut into hearts ♥ grape tomatoes cut in half and connected in the shape of a heart with toothpicks ♥ veggie dip or hummus served in a heart-shaped dish

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»Heart-shaped cheese & summer sausage with crackers

»Sugar cookies decorated with frosting and festive sprinkles

»Brownies cut into hearts instead of squares

»Sparkling red grape juice or other red or pink beverage (use paper straws to fancy it up a little!)

»Berry Punch for Kids from Simply Today Life

»Pink Velvet Hot Chocolate from (serve in these adorable mugs!)



»Photo Booth: use a blank wall/door or butcher block paper for the background. Decorate it with paper hearts or any of the decor ideas listed above. Use an empty red frame, a red stool, or a balloon bouquet for large props plus any other small props you might have around the house. Take special photos of and with your kids to post on social media or print in a memory book.

»String Heart Yarn Cards by hello wonderful

»Scavenger Hunt: this fun activity can be done in the comfort of your own home or at a shopping center. If bad weather prevents you from going out (or you just don’t feel like bundling up all the kids!), you can search for the items around your house or in books or magazines. If you decide to brave the mall, you can check the items off as you see people out and about or see the items on store shelves.

FREE PRINTABLE⇒  Click HERE for a free printable version of the Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt!

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Even though we don’t have a classroom full of other children to exchange valentines with us, we do have each other and relatives who live nearby. (Some even in the same house!) We are going to make valentine cards and boxes just like I did when I was in elementary school. The kids are going to make valentines for family members and a few homeschool friends. They will use the boxes they make to exchange fun cards with each other. I have created some cards specifically for siblings to give each other, and you can print them for free!

FREE PRINTABLE⇒  Click HERE for free printable sibling valentines!

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You can also try these other fun DIY valentines:

Smarty Pants Valentines from Alexis Merrill Designs

You Rock Valentines from Rain or Shine Mamma


Because my kids will not receive a large number of valentines, I think a smaller box or container is the best idea. I found these great options on Pinterest and might try all of them so the kids each have a different one.

Lego Brick Valentine Box from Silicon Valley Mamas

Paper Plate Heart from i heart CRAFTY things

Monster Box from Craftibilities

I’m really looking forward to creating the same fun atmosphere of the Valentine’s Day parties of my childhood. I think my kids will be excited to participate in creating the decorations and the food. They will especially enjoy making card boxes and valentines for family and friends.

How do you DIY your Valentine’s Day? If you homeschool your kids, how do you incorporate holidays into your school routine?

I hope you have a Valentine’s Day full of love & lots of fun!! ♥

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