New Words for a New Year

I’m the type of person who likes to begin at the beginning. Like, if I’m starting a new exercise routine or trying to form a habit, I have this thing about needing to start on the first day of the month or the first day of a new week. Anyone else?

So what could have been a more perfect day to start a new set of goals than the first day of a brand new year and month that just happens to be a Monday!?!


I am hopeful that with this fresh start, I will follow through with many of the plans and goals I have made for this year. I tend to be a good starter but not necessarily the best finisher. Last year, when we were going through all of our belongings in preparation for selling our home, I found an entire box of journals and Bible studies that I had started over the years. And NONE of them were finished. (Wow, that is really embarrassing.)

Even though I may fail or change my goals along the way, I made them. And that’s something. To quote Michael Scott:

I have a beautiful new planner. And new pens. And sticky notes, of course. Clearly, I am set up for success! 😉

Some of my commitments for this new year include: drinking more water, getting more exercise, memorizing more Scripture, and reading more books. I also have more specific goals of posting daily on Instagram and posting a new blog every week. Now that I’ve told you, maybe I will be more likely to follow through? I hope so, but only time will tell!

As the title of this post indicates, I have also started this new year with some new words. Spiritual goals, really. A couple of years ago, I was challenged to come up with a word for the year. I loved seeing how the Lord pursued me and challenged me in that particular area throughout the year. Because I had been specific, I was expectant that God would do something in my heart. And He did!

Desiring to have that heart of expectation again, I decided to select a word for this new year. Ok, two words. I chose my words after reflecting on everything that occurred in my life and family during this past year and the many things that God taught me about Himself and about my own heart. Prone to wander, Lord I feel it! In light of that, my words are:

I constantly need to surrender every minute of every day to His control lest I get confused and think I am the captain of the ship. By relinquishing my grip and abiding in Christ, peace and freedom can prevail in my heart. Continually realigning my heart with His and resting in His sovereign plan should be the pattern of a life lived for the glory of God. And that is what I desire even though I regularly find myself trying to move into the point position. I know I don’t belong there, but sometimes I feel like, I’ve got this. Am I alone in that?

I know meditating on these two words on a daily and weekly basis will help me to remember that my faithful, loving God belongs at the helm. I look forward to seeing how He will grow my relationships and my faith in 2018!


Do you have a word that you are focusing on this year? If you have one, what will you do to stay mindful of and focused on that word? If you don’t, I challenge you to ask God what He wants to do in your heart this year and then pick a word or two! Even if it’s a Thursday! I promise you won’t regret leaning in and asking God to reveal Himself to you more this year.

Wishing you all a blessed new year!!

2 thoughts on “New Words for a New Year”

  1. My verse for the year is James 4:17.

    “Sin is to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”

    I had a panic one morning wondering if I’m really in God’s plan or not. Did I miss it somewhere back there and am I now way off and don’t know it?! This verse came to mind. So I asked myself, am I doing what I know to be right? Am I living in obedience to God’s word and the light I’ve been given to walk in? A quick self assessment settled me and I realized here was a safety net for this season of wilderness wandering. In the wilderness nothing seems super clear; mirages, you know. So I wrote it on the chalk board in the dining room for all of us. And we’ll ask ourselves to stay on track, for our spirits, for our bodies, for our minds, for each other: Are we doing what we ought?

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful and challenging words. It is always good to self-assess and make sure our lives are lined up with the Word of God. And great idea to write that on the chalkboard where your whole family can see it and reflect on it on a regular basis! 🙂

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