I’m a Mom. I’m Free. Let’s talk about it.

Hello, and welcome to my tiny corner of the Internet! My name is Erica, and I, among many other things, am a wife & mom. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 15 years, and we have three beautiful children, ages 8, almost 7, and 5.  My husband and I grew up mostly in the Midwest and spent the first eleven years of our marriage in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Colorado. About four years ago, we moved our little family back to Iowa. This season here has been a tremendous joy and blessing, but it is coming to a close. We have exciting plans regarding our future living situation, so stay tuned!!

For the past few years, I have homeschooled my kids and helped my husband run his small business. I very much enjoy organizing, making lists, and singing. I also really like wearing hats. I love to drink good coffee, watch my children learn new things, and walk through life with my handsome husband. Most of all, I love Jesus.

Now that you know a little bit about me, let me explain the name of this blog.

MOMMING.  I know this is totally an Urban Dictionary word, but I think it describes me better than the word “mothering”.  When I think of that word, I picture a prim and proper woman… in a spotless home… speaking calmly to her well-dressed children. While that sounds fantastic, it is a bit of a deviation from my own reality. Therefore, I chose the word “momming”. Regardless of the label, I believe my role as a mom is to love my children fiercely, to point them to their Creator as the only source of joy and fulfillment, and to teach them to embrace who God has uniquely designed them to be.

FREEDOM. When I first decided to start writing about my journey as a mom, I tried to think of a word or phrase that describes who I am and the kind of life I want to live. I kept coming back again and again to the word FREE.  It’s a word that likely stirs something different in each of us.  So, what do I mean when I say I am free? Well, I’m glad you asked.

For me, living a life of freedom starts by walking in obedience to the One who knows my every breath. Because I have put my faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, I have been gloriously set free from the penalty and condemnation of sin! Not only that, I have been set free TO live the life I was meant to live in surrender to the God of the universe. I can embrace who I am created to be with confidence and without shame. I am free to love and serve my family and others–not because I am perfect, but because my life is a broken vessel redeemed by the Restorer of the shattered.

I still struggle with fear and doubt. I am full of weakness and sin. I flounder. I yell. I try to depend on my own strength. I am inconsistent. I am a flawed human who sometimes forgets that the yoke of this world is burdensome.

But, when I strip it all down, I know that I am His and He is mine.

In my failure, I am covered by Grace. And not a cheap, flippant grace that downplays my sin and leaves me unchanged. But a powerful redeeming Grace that reveals my wayward heart and calls me to repentance. That Grace is transforming and painful and beautiful. That Grace brings life and hope.

In this place of freedom, I don’t have to be defined by an ever-changing culture because my worth and value and identity are rooted in the unchanging, living Christ. I don’t have to be a slave to my own way. I am called by a greater Master who is perfectly loving and longs to give me more of Himself.

I know He has created me for purpose. He chose me to be the mom to three precious souls, and I want to love them, disciple them, and teach them to embrace the freedom that is only found in relationship with Jesus.

There have been some specific areas in which God has asked our family to walk in obedience for the sake of freedom. Several years ago, He began to reveal some deep-rooted idols in our hearts and, for our joy and His glory, asked us to lay them down. He asked me to release my grip on my desire for comfort and my need for control. In that, God used some pretty amazing circumstances to make it clear we were supposed to move back to Iowa, something we said we would never do. He also led my husband and me to take a trip to Haiti. He opened our eyes to a bigger world and began a work in our hearts that continues to inform our decisions. Around that same time, God revealed to me that He was calling me to homeschool my kids. Again, something I repeatedly said I would never do. (Maybe a lesson here?) Our faithful God continues to pursue us and call our stubborn hearts toward greater dependence on Him because that is where true freedom is found. He is so patient with me as I often get distracted and return to those idols, having forgotten the weight of their chains.

And so, a lifetime of walking, stumbling, crawling, running backward and submitting has brought us to where we are right now: getting ready to sell our home, our belongings and our growing business and preparing to embark on an amazing family adventure!  An adventure we would not even be able to consider without being free of debt, another area of freedom that I am passionate about. We started down the road to financial freedom several years ago after we got tired of being enslaved to car payments and credit card bills. We do currently have a mortgage, but even that will be gone soon with the sale of our house. We have found that choosing where our money goes each month is incredibly liberating!

I hope you come along on this journey with me as I discover more each day the joy of momming in freedom. I am just an ordinary mom willing to walk with open hands. I hope the adventures, struggles and mundane moments I share here bring encouragement to your heart and life. I pray you will be challenged along with me in or toward your own journey of freedom!!

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  1. What beauty here! I can’t wait to go along on your journey and see the unfolding of your family’s adventure. I know exactly where it will take you- closer to Jesus- but I have a feeling there will surprises and delight along the way! Superb job conveying your heart Erica! ❤️

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